To be 18 again

  • Posted on April 8, 2007 at 11:44 am

Despite the bone-chilling weather yesterday, I had a great birthday. It was a complete pampering, all-about-me kind of day. Everybody needs those once and a while.

I started the day with a manicure and a pedicure. I was sitting next to an old lady at the nail salon, and we were chatting about our nails, our favorite restaurants, and tennis. I announced that it was my birthday, and she said “happy birthday! So you’re about 18, right?” I told her that no, I was 29. She couldn’t believe it. That made me feel pretty good.

Later, when I was getting a facial at David’s Hair and Day Spa, the facialist told me that I had…the skin of an 18 year old, nice and elastic and full of collagen! I nearly fell off the table. Twice in the same day, on my 29th birthday, I was told that I look eleven years younger than I really am. Thank you, mom and dad, for those great genes.

In between the manicure and pedicure and the facial and massage (and I actually had three hand massages in one day), we went to the rotating sushi buffet down the street at Matuba. It was my first rotating sushi buffet experience, and it was awesome! Sushi would spin by on the conveyor belt, and we’d grab plates of whatever looked yummy. The only thing was, I felt like I had to eat really fast to keep up.

Edamame on the sushi bar

For dinner, we went to Jose Andrés’ Oyamel in DC, a Mexican tapas restaurant. We had salt air margaritas and small plates of sea scallop ceviché, french fries with molé sauce, grilled skirt steak, guacamole made table-side, a suckling pig taco and a grasshopper taco. That’s right, whole grasshoppers, with legs, heads and all. It wasn’t my favorite dish of the night, but at least I can now say that I’ve eaten grasshoppers. Like it’s really something to brag about.

Grasshopper Taco

I also have to mention dinner on Friday—we went to Rustico in Alexandria with Martin and drank Bells Beer on tap! Rustico had great food and a great beer selection. We went to Buzz across the street for dessert. I might just have to move to Alexandria so I can go to both places more often.

Buzz Buzz Buzz

Chocolate Bourbon Cake at Buzz

Pizza is good

Thanks for an awesome birthday weekend, Larry, and thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday!