BODIES…The Exhibition. Not for the Faint of Heart.

  • Posted on April 28, 2007 at 8:09 pm

These last couple of weeks have been extremely busy at work, and I haven’t had much time to devote to the blog. Now that the craziness has subsided, I’m back. I was even able to take off work on Thursday and Friday. (Though I can’t stop checking my email and responding to requests and calling into meetings on my days off. Seriously. I need help. Someone unplug me.)

Yesterday I did break away from the laptop long enough to have lunch with Amy at Tallula, one of my favorite restaurants. Then we went to Bodies….The Exhibition at The Dome in Rosslyn. Oh. My. God. We knew that the exhibit was a collection of real human remains that have been through a process that preserves by plasticizing them. We were expecting to be pretty grossed out, because yes, they are all dead bodies.

It wasn’t gross though—it was fascinating to see what the inside of the body really looks like up close, three-dimensional and life-sized, and to see how all the systems and organs work and fit together. Some exhibits are just muscles, some are just arteries, some are bodies split in half, and one is a body sliced into thin pieces that reminded me of pork chops. They even had fetuses, some as young as 21 days after conception (and it made Amy and I wonder exactly how they got the fetuses, but we tried not to think about it.) They showed healthy lungs, diseased lungs, a brain aneurysm, and even a goiter. And we saw a lot of penises.

My favorite part of the exhibit was the pulmonary section, which displays the intricacies of blood vessels and arteries. By themselves, they looked like beautiful red trees. The most disturbing part was an exhibit that showed just the skin of a man, laying on a table like a tanned hide. It was too Silence of the Lambs for me.

The exhibition was so cool, and I’m not even saying that on behalf of my hidden dark side, heh heh.

I don’t have any pictures because they didn’t allow photography, but the Washington Post has a photo gallery you can check out.