Elevator Etiquette

  • Posted on August 27, 2007 at 7:07 pm

Five people are on an elevator, headed up to the top floor of a building. The elevator stops on the top floor and as soon as the doors open, a woman steps onto the elevator without waiting to let the passengers out. She stands in the middle, directly in front of the people already inside. The five people on the elevator have to wiggle their way around her to get off, as she just stands there with her arms crossed.

Truly unbelievable. How is it that someone can have absolutely no manners? Is it possible to be so self-absorbed, rude and clueless that she can’t even give the common courtesy to let someone, or five people, off an elevator before barging her way on and blocking the door? GRRRRRR.


End of rant.

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  1. Stone

    A well placed shot from the butt trumpet before exiting said elevator would adequately convey your emotions at this moment.

  2. Bethany

    Butt trumpet? My butt does not have a trumpet.

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  4. Gil


    I hate being an “a**hole” to another one, but I just walk out, and if I bump into them, oh well. Same applies to the people who won’t allow others to get off of the Metro.

  5. Allan

    I would make sure to nudge her on my way out after saying “excuse me” really loud. Then glance back with a dirty look.

  6. EclecticBlue

    Holy crap, do you live in Triangle Towers? Me too. But anyway, in answer to the second question in your last paragraph … yes, it is that possible to be that self-absorbed.

    (Especially those yoga people.)

  7. Bethany

    @EclecticBlue: Hi neighbor! I do live in Triangle Towers! Crazy! And I completely agree with you about those yoga people–my husband and I call them \”yoga bitches\”. The elevator incident actually happened at work, but I\’ve seen the yoga bitches do some pretty self-absorbed things where we live.

  8. 14thandYou

    She’s not so much clueless as classless.

    BTW, I’m a yoga student, but I hope not a “yoga bitch.” I can’t speak for the many students I don’t know, but the ones who ride with me on the elevator seem fairly polite.

    Unity Woods has been in lease renewal purgatory since spring b/c of bathroom and elevator issues. They started their flagship studio there 22 years ago, and would very much like to stay. In fact, they’ve been reminding students in the newsletter and in class to be courteous toward residents. It would actually be a huge help to all if you could let them know the dates and times where you’ve seen egregious behavior, 301-656-8992.

  9. Alison Byrne Fields

    I’ve got a few gripes about elevator etiquette

    — People who talk on their cell phone in the elevator

    — People who delay an elevator full of people to hold the door for a friend/colleague

    — People who hit the call button after an elevator door shuts, again, delaying the elevator full of people (when there is a bank of multiple elevators)

    — People who have loud conversations on the elevator with their friends/co-workers

    — People who (are not physically disabled and) take an elevator one floor when they could take the stairs

    I never said I was rational . . .

  10. Stone

    Butt trumpet = fart, honey.
    Lay a big wet, smelly fart in the elevator right before you step out. Then smile all the live-long day. As a man, Larry can give you lessons on conjuring one of these up when needed.

  11. The Lavatory Lady

    Ahhh yes, I’ve experienced this many times. Another thing people do is get on, stand in front of the door and make no effort to move when the elevator opens to let other people off. It is really amazing at how incredibly rude some people are in this world.

    The Lavatory Lady

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