Then Comes Grumpope* in a Baby Carriage

  • Posted on November 4, 2007 at 5:22 pm

I have a secret. I’m going to tell all of you right now.

I’m pregnant!

That’s right, knocked up, preggers, with child, expecting, got a bun in the oven.

It’s becoming fairly obvious now, and even my clients at work know, so I figured it’s time to tell the world. I’m about 18 weeks along, and my due date is April 9, 2008. That’s two days after my own birthday. I’ve even started to feel the baby move around a bit, like a fluttery spastic sensation in my belly. Everything has been going great so far, with absolutely no morning sickness or nausea of any kind. My symptoms have been mild: I have experienced the fatigue (they’re lying when they say you aren’t as tired in the second trimester) and my feet have swollen a couple of times after standing for a long time. And of course, my pants are too tight in the waist.

The BIG ULTRASOUND is scheduled for November 19, when we will receive confirmation on what I am already sure of: it’s a girl.

I’ll try not to turn this blog into a blubbering baby extravaganza. But it might turn into one anyways.

*PS. We’re calling the baby grumpope right now because it started off looking like a tadpole. Grumpope is the family frog name.

6 Comments on Then Comes Grumpope* in a Baby Carriage

  1. kim

    You know, your latest Facebook chatter had me wondering! Congratulations to you and the hubby… and welcome to the wonderful world of parenthood! Let me know if you need anything, and be sure to keep us posted on the gender too. (I totally knew that Emmy - and #2 - would be girls. Mommies just know somehow. Hope your hunch is right on the 19th!)

    Btw, be sure to post some pics, of both you and the Grumpope!

  2. The Girl

    Yay! I’m so excited and I call dibs on first baby photos!!! Congratulations to you and Larry, and when baby has those Asian food cravings, you know I’m there for ya! Kimchi for EVERYONE!!!

  3. Amy

    Beth and Lar are going to be mom and dad!!!! I am so excited for you! I will go ahead and start looking for a pink dress for the baby … ;-)

  4. Bethany

    Thanks, Kim, Michaela and Amy!

    I will post pictures from the big US when I get them on the 19th!

  5. Candi

    I can’t wait to be Aunt Candi to another generation! Looking foward to hear from you after the 19th (Gotta to get started with the spoiling as soon as possible!!)

  6. Maggie

    I was waiting to see the official blog announcement … now you need to tell us what happened on Monday!

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