Wii Got It, Yeah Baby Wii Got It

  • Posted on November 11, 2007 at 7:17 pm

The day has finally come. After months and months of pining, waiting, dreaming and longing, we finally got it. The Nintendo Wii.

Nintendo Wii

Larry called Target this morning around 9 a.m., after he checked the online advertisement and realized that yes, Target was getting in Wii’s today and dang it, we didn’t check the ad last night and plan on getting up early enough so that we could arrive before the store opened. Still, at 9:12 a.m., Target had four left at that very second. Gah, he said. We’ll never make it in time. They will be gone. (Pessimist.)

We decided to give it a try anyways, and jumped in the car with no make-up, no breakfast in our bellies and sleep still in the corners of our eyes. When we got to the store, we ran to the electronics section (well, not quite running, after I almost tripped on my own feet TWICE.) Larry the pessimist said “see, they’re all out. No more Wii’s.”

But wait! What’s that? Two Wii’s sitting right there! On the counter! The friendly electronics guys, my new BFFs 4ever, asked if we wanted one. OMG OMG OMG. Of course we want one! Not wanting to believe that it was true, I said “really? REALLY? We can have one of those?” They handed the box over, and said that yes, we could really have one, and that our dream has really come true. Those electronics guys, I love them. They must feel like heroes, making dreams come true every other Sunday morning. Larry was too overcome with emotion to even speak. He was blubbering, I swear. I thought for a second that he was going to cry.

Our Wii was the second to last one in the store. We shall call him Neil.

Larry thinks the baby will be a Wii genius by the age of five, if we start him/her off young. I told him that the baby would probably eat the controller long before s/he ever understands how to play.

To all our lucky friends…Wii party, very soon…

P.S. This holiday season, think of Wii.

4 Comments on Wii Got It, Yeah Baby Wii Got It

  1. Brandon

    Awesome! You HAVE to get guitar hero!! I am soooo good at it. Be sure to get two guitars though so there isn’t any fighting over who gets to play.

  2. Supertramp

    But I dont want to play with Larry’s Wii.

  3. Bethany

    Brandon–I don’t think we’ll be getting Guitar Hero, unless it is the last Wii game on earth and we are dying of boredom. Some people think that Guitar Hero is for lazy people, and you should just play real guitar. (However, those are the people who already KNOW how to play real guitar.)

    Supertramp–don’t worry, i’ve got a wii too. Want to play with mine? ;-)

  4. Brandon

    Guitar hero is not much like playing guitar at all. Your hands are just in the same position. It is more like simon says or bop it 2 extreme…just in guitar form. It can be enjoyed by everyone…both lazy people AND people who know how to play real guitar. People who play guitar will probably find it MORE enjoyable because they will be familiar with it and better at it. There is actually a reason it is so popular…it is REALLY FUN. If you are too cool for guitar hero than so be it. Maybe you should try accordion hero… http://www.phobe.com/sfi/accordion.html

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