Did Pilgrams Eat Lobster?

  • Posted on November 22, 2007 at 9:08 pm

For the first time ever, Larry and I decided not to go to Indiana to spend Thanksgiving with our family. Instead, to save money and vacation days, we stayed in DC and had our own little private Thanksgiving. We contemplated going to a restaurant, but decided on something even better: lobster. (I’m not a huge fan of turkey anyway; I enjoy the side dishes more than the meat on Thanksgiving.)

Yesterday, we saw the seafood guys set up on the corner down the street, selling lobsters, fish and shellfish out of coolers, straight off the truck from Maine. We bought two on a whim (total weight almost six pounds!!). We named them Rod and Todd. They lived in our fridge for a day, which was kind of weird. I wanted to feed them some breakfast and give them a little bowl of water to drink, because I was worried they might die, but Larry told me not to worry about it. I would not, however, touch them. Ew.
Look What's In The Fridge
Todd and Rod in the fridge

Rod(Rhoda) and Tod(Tina)
Todd and Rod on the Counter

Where Lobsters go to Die
Where Lobsters Go to Die

Death of a Lobster
Death of a Lobster

Boiling Lobster
Boiling Lobsters

Happy Thanksgiving
The Spread: Lobsters, Clams, Polenta, Peas and Butter (P.S. those are 10 inch plates, to give you an idea of how ENORMOUS the lobsters were)
Better than Turkey
Better Than Turkey

Chocolate Pecan Pie
Dessert: Chocolate Pecan Pie

It turned out that Rod and Todd were actually Tina and Rhoda. Oops. I had Tina, and she was soooo good, probably the best lobster I’ve ever had. I’d like to make it a family tradition on Thanksgiving, but once the baby is born, we probably won’t be splurging on lobster.

4 Comments on Did Pilgrams Eat Lobster?

  1. James in Washington (and Maine)

    Yum. Those of us from Maine are glad you enjoy our seafood and appreciate your support of our economy. :-)

  2. supertramp

    Rod & Todd? How’d you convince them to jump into the boiling water? Tell ‘em that its holy water? (yaaaayyy)

  3. Sharkie

    I think it is a little sick that you name your lobster before you eat them. Also (I am so lame) I thought lobster were red BEFORE they were cooked. But really, it’s not like I eat seafood to know!

  4. Bethany

    Well those lobsters lived with us for over a day, so I grew attached to them. Of course I had to name them. It didn’t stop me from eating them at all.

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