Things I Will Not Miss

  • Posted on December 17, 2007 at 10:42 pm

I’ve been slacking off a bit on the blog lately, but for a good reason: we’re moving! My free time has been spent sorting and tossing and packing and shopping for furniture and dreaming about my new house. We’re finally moving out of the one bedroom apartment, and into a three-level, four bedroom townhouse in Virginia. I CAN’T WAIT! We need more space for Grumpope/Grumpipa/Little Bethany/Anonymous Unnamed Baby.

It’s been fun living in downtown Bethesda for the last few years. There are so many restaurants within walking distance, and the metro is close by. My apartment isn’t bad, except for the outdated kitchen and bathroom. It’s actually pretty big, and I even have a walk-in closet here.

But there are some things that I’m really not going to miss. Number one is the stupid people that live in my building and park in the garage. Just look at this:

Jutting out

Here’s a closer view:

Check Out This Awesome Parking Job

This person parked their monster 4×4 diesel extra-long quadruple-cab truck so that it stuck out half way into the driving lane of the garage. Sticking out RIDICULOUSLY far. One–who needs to drive a truck so big in the city? Two–if you can’t even park your giant truck properly you should not drive it.

I am clearly not the only person who thought this:

Park Like an Intelligent Person


I’m going to be so glad to have my own assigned parking space right in front of my house, even if I don’t have a garage.

6 Comments on Things I Will Not Miss

  1. supertramp

    Soon they’ll want their own schoool.

  2. kim

    Oooh, sounds lovely - lemme know where you guys end up!

  3. Sharkie

    I can’t wait for the super bowl party at your new place. B/c you’re having one, right? You should. I’ll bring beer.

  4. Bethany

    We are definitely having a super bowl party! And it will be awesome, because we are getting a 52-inch TV. I don’t even LIKE football, but I’m excited for the super bowl party.

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  6. John - Iraq

    And just when I was starting to miss DC, I see this. Congrats on VA; its not Iraq, but you should be fine.


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