Santa is Real, I Swear

  • Posted on December 11, 2008 at 9:56 pm

Somehow, he seems more evil than he ever did when I was a kid. Something about the eyebrows.

Somehow, he seems more evil than he ever did when I was a kid. Something about the eyebrows.

I am going to admit something embarrassing.

I believed in Santa until I was in the fourth grade. Yes, that’s right. I was nine years old. All of my friends knew the truth. In fact, it was my friend Macy and her mom who finally told me that Santa wasn’t real one December evening as we sat eating dinner at the Frisch’s Big Boy in Union Lake, Michigan. And I distinctly remember where I was when I learned the truth because it was so traumatic for me.

I just wanted to believe so badly. I loved the magic of Christmas, and I ate up all of the fantasy and excitement. I was a smart little whippersnapper, but I somehow managed to rationalize Santa’s existence. “Santa HAS to be real, because I only told Santa that I wanted a bike, and I am sure that I never told Mom and Dad.” And the old “I am SURE that when Mom and Dad went to bed there were no presents out. There has to be a Santa because I woke up before Mom and Dad and there were presents! Who else could have put them there?”

My parents endured ENDLESS questions about the existence of Santa, and never spoiled it for me, even though I’m sure they were dying to tell me the truth just to shut me up. They kept telling me that if I didn’t believe, then Santa wouldn’t come. I wanted presents, so I believed, goddamnit!

I am so excited to make Santa real again with Stella. I may not believe in the baby Jesus, but I believe in the magic of Christmas. I can’t wait to tell her all the little details that my parents and grandparents told me to make it so real, like looking for Santa’s sleigh in the starry sky on Christmas Eve. I can’t wait to put boot prints next to the fireplace and take bites out of cookies left out for Santa. I can’t wait to put out a little elf in the house and tell her that the elf is watching her and reporting back to Santa. Just like my parents did. In fact, sometimes the little elf STILL shows up mysteriously in my house. And he doesn’t even have legs anymore.

6 Comments on Santa is Real, I Swear

  1. Susan

    Seriously, those are some creepy eyebrows.

  2. Michaela

    I *love* that you have a legless elf!!

  3. Bethany

    @Susan–yes, I think my dad drew those eyebrows on with a Sharpie a couple of years ago. It was around the same time the elf’s legs fell off.

    @Michaela–he wasn’t always legless! and he used to be a lot nicer looking. Maybe Santa will send a new elf for Stella.

  4. Brandon

    AHHH! The evil elf!!! I can’t tell you how many times I tried to kill that elf. He always came back though…and he always will…

  5. KC

    I would so not be having that elf in my house, near the living. I freak out way too easily.

  6. elizabeth

    Dude that is one freaky looking elf.It looks like its going to attack or kill someone… makes me shiver ugh……

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