Quirky, Me?

  • Posted on January 31, 2009 at 1:19 pm

People are always telling me that I’m quirky. And by “people”, I specifically mean my father and my husband. My father is always saying “oh, you and your quirks.” And my husband told me recently I have too many hang-ups with food, and I am a picky eater–totally news to me. I thought I was an adventurous eater.

So this got me to thinking–am I really quirky? Really? Or am I just… normal? Doesn’t everyone have little things that bother them? Maybe mine are just weirder than most….

1. I hate pulp in orange juice.

2. I hate meatloaf. I have ever since I was a child and my mom tried to trick  me by  putting carrots in it.

3. I hate celery, carrots (see #2 above), bananas, turnips, parsnips, and beets.

Bananas Suck Go to hell, beets

4. I can’t stand socks. Especially dirty socks lying on the floor. I can’t touch them.

5. I hate ice–I will not drink anything with ice in it without a straw. Ice cannot touch my teeth. And I’ll shudder if ice touches my fingernails.

Ice: booooooo

6. I don’t  like stews, goulashes, beef burgundy, or anything that’s too “meaty”. I can trace this quirk back to my childhood as well, when I was eating beef stew at my aunt’s house, and the meat was so overdone that I kept chewing and chewing and chewing, unable to swallow the dry meat, but too embarrassed to spit it out in front of my family.

7. I hate loud chewing.

8. I hate the word “huh?”

9. I have an eye phobia–I can’t stand the thought of anything touching my eyes, including fingers, contacts, medical instruments, needles, etc. I can trace this phobia back to fifth grade, when I saw a movie in school about Ellis Island, and the immigrants had to flip their eyelids back for the immigration officials. I had never seen this done before and thought it was the grossest thing ever (I am throwing up a little bit in my mouth right now just thinking about it.) A boy in my fifth grade class named Tim Stapula thought it was awesome and he would flip his eyelids and chase me around the playground. Thank you, Tim, for scarring me for life.

eyeballs make me vomit

So what do you think: am I quirky? Normal? Just to the left of normal?

Dad, Larry: did I forget anything?

7 Comments on Quirky, Me?

  1. Fred Leickly

    What, only 9 quirks. You have barely scratched the surface of your ‘Quirkdom’. Surely more to follow. For example not wanting to wake up, wo to the poor soul who awakens you. You mother and I had to take turns if you needed awakening.

  2. Sharkie

    Totally normal. I used to hate pulp in my OJ too. I can now tolerate a little, but if there is too much “grass” in my OJ I get pissy. I suck it up and swallow it, but I am still not satisfied.

  3. Bethany

    @Fred: I am referring to my CURRENT quirks–ones from when I was a child do not count. I don’t think I’m quite so violent now when someone wakes me up. But thanks for reminding me!

    @Sharkie: thank you for the vote of normal, and letting me know I’m not the only one who thinks pulp sucks. I just hate the feeling of those little chunks in my mouth. Beverages should be chunk-free.

  4. Susan

    Really, I’m just with you on #7. (HATE…with the burning fire of a thousand suns…) I would agree with #1 too, but I don’t really like orange juice at all, pulpy or no. Oh, and bananas. Only recently have I been able to tolerate banana bread, and that’s just if it’s got a lot of chocolate chips in it. Bananas are gross.

  5. Linda

    You totally forgot birds. But maybe that is more of a phobia.

  6. Bethany

    @Linda–I don’t have a problem with birds. They have a problem with me!

  7. Brandon

    What about dolphins?

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