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I Need to Stop Judging People’s Hair

  • Posted on May 20, 2009 at 9:39 pm

It seems that every time I make a comment about someone’s hair I make an ass out of myself.

Yesterday at work I was sitting in a meeting next to a team member, and I happened to look over and see a single gray hair poking out of her black hair, in that way that wiry gray hairs bend and poke. I made a comment to M. about her gray hair “M.! You have a gray hair!” or something like that–and she had no idea it was there. She was heartbroken. She made me pull it out. She’s only 23. I felt like I aged her 30 years in my single little comment.

And then today, I was in the elevator and a woman stepped on with a cute short bob.

Her: “I love your skirt–I noticed it in the meeting this morning.”

Me: “Why thank you!” (curtsying). “And I was noticing your hair–it’s so sleek and smooth! And the highlights are perfect! What’s your secret?”

Her: “Actually, it’s a wig. I used to be a cosmetologist.”

Me: (gulpohshit) “I never would have guessed! I was going to ask you what hair products you use! It looks so nice, maybe I need to rethink my entire hair strategy and try some wigs!”

Just listen to that idocracy. I need to just stop talking about hair in general. Starting now.