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One Month Birthday

  • Posted on May 17, 2008 at 9:16 pm

Stella turned one month old yesterday. We celebrated by going to dim sum at Mark’s Duck House today–it was our first trip to a restaurant as a family. Stella was an angel and slept the whole time in her car seat. We even made a trip to Target after lunch. It was a very successful outing.

My feelings for her are just so overwhelming. I can’t believe that this amazing little girl is my own, that Larry and I made her, and she is so perfect and beautiful and the smartest, most advanced baby on earth. I think she’ll be walking and talking in weeks. She’s already started smiling–isn’t one month incredibly early to start smiling? I told you she is advanced. Maybe it’s because she had a whole extra week to grow inside me, so she’s actually one month and one week old.

She also makes a great model–I discovered that she likes to look at dark colors, especially my dark digital SLR. Here are few of my favorites from her one-month photo shoot:

My Favorite Picture

Baby Chair

Baby Foot

First Trip to Mark's Duck House

First Trip to Mark’s Duck House for dim sum